Bayer - Lanxess Laboratory

Bayer in collaboration with CRC Engineering


    Reconstructing a building into a GMP conform laboratory

    LANXESS AG is a German company, active in producing chemical additives, semi manufactured products, synthetic material and rubbers that are primarily used in the automobile industry.

    For the site in Antwerp, an existing building needed to be reconstructed into a laboratory.

    CRC Engineering's contribution in this project
    • The HVAC installation contains a ventilation system which provides the lab and other spaces with conditioned air. The spaces are equipped with active chilled beams. 
    • The 15 fume cupboards available on the site, have variable flow extraction. The control system makes sure that the air balance and minimal energy consumption are correct in the lab. This system is based on the use of the fume cupboard in the lab.
    • Cooling water is made with a compact cooling machine. The steam/water skid produces hot water for the central heating and plumbing through steam from the site.


    Services provided

    • Predesign
    • Detailed design
    • Construction management
    • Commissioning


    Applied techniques

    • Ventilation
    • Cooling system
    • Heating system
    • Lab control
    • Building management system




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