Several assignments in collaboration with CRC Engineering



    CRC Engineering did execute several projects for Belgoprocess.

    The buildings can be subdivided into 4 zones (green, yellow, orange en red zones) with each their different needs. Each zone has a pressure difference which is controlled taking each zone and the outside conditions into account.

    One of the projects was the installation of a ventilation system for a building where a reduced pressure is monitored for another building.
    The extraction is done by using  2 fans, 1 of which is in standby.
    The entire air is extracted though redundant filter banks with several EU13 filters. The extraction system is included with a 
    total extraction rate of 10.000 m³/h that is routed to the frequency-controlled fans via stainless steel and PPS channels. In the channel network there are respectively airtight and gas-tight valves, non-return valves control valves and additional fire valves that maintain the necessary nuclear safety. 
    The channels are welded internally and externally, the weld seams are smooth and easy to clean. The air is then brought out through a 15m high chimney made of stainless steel.

    The necessary back-up and safety devices, have also been built-in for the control and the electrical supply, to keep it fully reliable.

    Other projects were:
    • Design of the ventilation system for the uranium containers washing and recertification facilities. Adaptation of the site exhaust system.
    • Upgrade the existing ventilation system
    • Redesign of ventilation system for highly radioactive nuclear waste processing building



    Services provided

    • Predesign
    • Detailed design
    • Purchase support
    • Construction management
    • Commissioning


    Applied techniques

    • Ventilation
    • Heating system
    • Cooling system
    • Automation




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