Cargill - Revamp Pilot Plant R&D center

Cargill in collaboration with CRC Engineering


    sustainable and environment-friendly renovation

    Cargill is one of the largest food-producing companies in the world that delivers high quality ingredients, including health improving - and combined ingredients, meat products for food & beverage companies and distribution industries. They design and sell sustainable products made from agriculture raw materials. Therefore, the Pilot plant located in Belgium is of strategic importance. This collaboration with Cargill is not the only one  as we also worked together on projects located in France and Russia.

    In this project CRC Engineering have been appointed to be the lead for the technical development as well as for the architectural design.

    In this assignment different scenarios were monitored to build a sustainable and environment-friendly project taking into account the future expansion of technical installation(s).
    The design of a new Pilot Plant is a complex and challenging development, so seeing this project as a renovation of an existing Pilot plant combined with an expansion of the building, is even more challenging. 


    Services provided

    • Predesign
    • Detailed design
    • Construction management
    • Commissioning


    Applied techniques

    General Techniques
    • Ventilation
    • Cooling
    • Heating
    • Electricity
    • Data
    • Fire detection


    Lab Design
    • Lab furniture
    • Fume Hood
    • Fume cupboards
    • Weighing Tables
    • Compressed air
    • Gas distribution
    • DI water
    • City water
    • Vacuum




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