Ferrero in collaboration with CRC Engineering



    Biscuit, and meringue laboratory

    In an existing building, an entire floor had to be cleared and set up as a research center for the biscuit and meringue department.
    The floor contains 3 laboratory zones, offices, conditioned spaces (+5°C, +15°C, -18°C), 3D Food Printer area and technical rooms.

    The study brought the structural and technical activities into the picture in order to make a “design and built” formula possible.

    The challenge in the project was to integrate the new equipment into the existing building with its limitations. On the architectural level of the project there were a lot of challenges whereby the dry cooler has been selected to make sure that it could be placed on the roof by taking weight and measurements into account.


    Services provided

    • Predesign
    • Detailed design
    • 3D Coordination


    Applied techniques


    General Techniques
    • Heating system
    • Ventilation
    • Cooling system
    • Plumbing
    • Drains
    • Electricity
    • Data, Access Control
    • Sprinkler
    • Fire Detection


    Special Techniques
    Black utilities
    • Compressed Air
    • City water
    • RWA
    • Gas supply
    Clean utilities
    • DI water




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