Janssen Pharmaceutica - Compliance upgrade

Janssen Pharmaceutica in collaboration with CRC Engineering


    A team effort 

    The GMP regulations led to the requirement to provide a physical separation between primary filling & secondary packaging in a production unit at Beerse.
    CRC-Engineering was an is still pleased to be part of the team which made this conversion possible. We like to speak of a "team" effort , since work that has to be carried out during shut-down will never succeed unless all parties work together as a team. 

    This starts not only with the proper preparation of the works to be carried out but also with CRC-Engineering's ability to motivate and coach all parties to ensure that the end goal is kept in mind.  The knowledge and experience in the field of GMP, automation and project management, was definitely an added value that was well reflected during this project.

    During these 3 weeks a 75 meters wall had to be installed, including quick gates, doors & airlocks, the necessary extra air groups as well as 2 material shafts and 1 person shaft. 
    Due to the good preparation and the flexible attitude of the various parties, the work was delivered safely, on time and correctly.


    Services provided

    • Pre-design
    • Detail design
    • Project management
    • Site follow-up
    • Commissioning


    Applied Techniques

    General Techniques
    • Ventilation
    • Sprinkler
    • Electricity
    • Automation
    • Interlocking
    Cleanroom Equipment
    • Segregation Wall
    • Personal airlock (PAL)
    • Material airlock (MAL)
    • Drains
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