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 Janssen Pharmaceutica in collaboration with CRC Engineering

An energy saving project

Based on our previous energy audits, a top ten list of "HVAC energy saving potentials" was made. 
As a first step, all air groups and their operating conditions are mapped to know the starting point. 
Then each HVAC - air group is subjected to a screening of the following 10 energy measures:

  1. General air flow reduction
  2. Demand driven air flow reduction
  3. Reduction of fresh air proportion
  4. Variable fresh air proportion (free cooling/heating)
  5. Central dehumidification potential of fresh air
  6. Changing set points temperature and humidity (local conditions)
  7. Lowering the pressure drop
  8. Energy recovery
  9. User training
  10. Trending control


After the potential of each measure was mapped, a simulation was performed for each AHU based on a software model developed by CRC Engineering where all kinds of parameters could be changed such as:

  • System composition
  • Adjustment of climate data
  • Adjustment of working hours
  • Adjustment of the control strategy
  • Modification of set points


A summary report was prepared for each system with associated cost/benefit analysis. 


Services provided

  • Feasibility study 
  • Multi site energy audit 


Applied Techniques

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Electricity
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