Mediline - New production building & offices

Mediline in collaboration with CRC Engineering


    Installation with the importance of flexibility

    To ensure the growth of its success, MEDI-LINE has invested in a high quality production environment located in the Liège Science Park. This new production facility includes a warehouse, offices with a multipurpose room/cafeteria for 100 people, an Assembly Cleanroom ISO 7 (Class C) and an Extrusion and Injection Molding Cleanroom ISO 8 (Class D).

    The 'modular' cleanroom design, a structure without columns and the use of FFUs, make the room very flexible. The many windows in the walls and the lighting provides a good light distribution and a good view of the outside and inside, making it pleasant to work in this area.
    A walkable ceiling makes the FFUs easily accessible, increasing safety and making maintenance of the technical installations more user-friendly.

    The HVAC system provides pressure monitoring between the different zones and accurately controls humidity & temperature and filters the air within predefined narrow limits.

    Two condensing boilers, 250kW each with their respective gas detection and gas piping, are set up in the boiler room. Two transformers each 400 kVA are set up along with the electrical boards in the respective high and low voltage room, next to the data room. The showers and locker room are located next to the multipurpose room.

    Two extrusion lines have been installed in the Cleanroom producing a wide range of flexible tubes starting with a wide range of diameter and materials. 
    Therefore they can produce different types of material for the medical sector.


    Services provided

    • Pre-design
    • Detailed design
    • Construction management
    • Commissioning


    Applied Techniques

    General Techniques
    • Heating
    • Ventilation 
    • Cooling
    • Sanitary
    • Electricity 
    • Data, Access control
    • Fire detection
    Special Techniques
    Black Utilitites
    • Compressed air, 
    • City Water
    • Natural gas distribution
    • Cleanroom
    • Floors
    • Ceilings
    • Walls


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