Photovoltech - PVT productie gebouw

Photovoltech in collaboration with CRC Engineering


    A precise design for the special features of the project

    Photovoltech produced photovoltaic cells based on silicon technology. Their application required "clean" production environments (clean rooms class 100.000 and locally class 10.000) and specific technical equipment.
    Signum, together with CRC Engineering, developed a spatial concept in which the two approximately equally sized production areas (solar cells and the assembly area) were situated above each other, with an intermediate technical floor. The hook-up of a coating system was part of a follow-up assignment.

    A detailed layout of the rooms according to typical and atypical features made it possible to achieve a precise design. The atypical central technical facilities were brought together in a "technical block" with a central circulation zone and sanitary facilities, situated between the production building and the administrative part


    Services provided

    • EPCM


    Applied Techniques

    General Techniques
    • Heating
    • Ventilation 
    • Cooling
    • Sanitary
    • Electricity


    Special Techniques

    Black Utilities
    • Softening water
    • Drains
    • City Water
    • Access control
    • Gas Detection
    • Waste water treatment (neutralization plant)
    Clean Utilities
    • EDI
    • Pure Compressed Air (CCA)
    • NH3,O2,SiF6,N2,Ar
    • Vacuum
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