UZ Leuven - IVF

UZ Leuven in collaboration with CRC Engineering
In this project our collaborative partners were STABO & Archipelago

An added value for the client even with limited space

For this project, the air groups on the 6th floor had to be connected to the Filter Fan Units on the second floor. During the execution, the study plans were integrally adopted by the contractor so that the quality of the executed study, with the little space available for techniques, proved to be an added value for both client and contractor. CRC Engineering was also responsible for all GMP aspects, the layout, the furniture and the development of the pipeline route for the liquid nitrogen and CO2.

CRC Engineering also performed the integrated validation process for the Cleanroom, HVAC & Environmental monitoring system (EMS).
Regarding the HVAC installations,  the necessary qualification measurements and corresponding reporting were also carried out by CRC Engineering. This implies that all classified spaces are measured and therefore qualified. 

Overview measurements and tests
  • Air velo rate and air volume stream
  • Air change rate
  • Room temperature
  • Room humidity
  • Pressure loss over filter
  • DEHS challenge test for HEPA filters
  • Pressure cascade
  • Particle counting (at rest & in operation),
  • Recovery time, Smoke test (at rest & in operation)
  • Interlock-, Blowerdoor- and microbiological tests

All these measurements were processed into a single report document with the necessary approvals and certification documents and a reference project as a result. 

Services provided

  • Pre-design
  • Detail design
  • Construction management
  • Integrated validation process


Applied Techniques

General Techniques
  • Heating
  • Ventilation (FFU)
  • Cooling


Clean Utilities
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • CO2
  • Energy columns
Construction Cleanroom
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture 
  • Pull box
  • pass boxes
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